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Want to increase your credit score up to 300+

point in the next 1-6 months?  Do this…

Fix Your Own Credit


Dear Reader:

       I wish I’d known about these eye-opening credit repair secrets sooner. 

       Stick with me, because in the next few minutes, you’ll find out how you can finally break free from a poor credit score, significantly improve your lifestyle, and net worth.

Let’s Be Honest…

       The first thing we think of is to hire a credit repair company or a soc-called expert to help fix our credit. And this entire process ends up costing us a lot.  Think about it.

       It’s more than just time and money.  More importantly, it compromises the overall quality of your financial life.  Because these companies don’t address one of the most important factors that is hurting you financially.

We Have Something In Common.

       You see, six years ago, my credit was in the toilet after a recent bankruptcy. My financial situation was so bad that I could not get approved for an apartment without a co-signer.  But I could get a subprime auto loan without a co-signer, with high interest rate, and high insurance premium. My life was like most indebted Americans.


       So, I did what most people would do to get their credit back on track.  I hired a credit repair company to fix my credit. 

       Things started out great, but soon after it all started to change.  And I couldn’t opt out because my agreement was for one-year.

On Top of That…

       I also had to pay an upfront fee, the first month service fee, and sign up for a monthly credit monitoring service.  After a year of service my credit score went from 497 to 684.  Hiring a credit repair company was the BIGGEST mistake I had ever made. 

Here’s Why You Should NEVER Hire

A Credit Repair Company:

       Having a good to excellent credit rating is especially important in a Credit-Based Economy.  Without it, you may be denied low interest loans and lines of credit, an insurance policy, or even a job. 

       If your credit report contains errors or inaccurate items, you should clean it up.  Before you pay, you need to know that hiring a credit repair company or so-called expert will do no more than waste your money.

Here’s What They Do:

       1. They pretend to be you, by sending dispute letters to the three publicly traded credit bureaus and third-party debt collection agencies on your behalf for a substantial fee.

       2. A credit repair company doesn’t do anything special that you couldn’t do on your own.

       3. Beware of deceptive credit repair companies or so-called experts that make promises they can’t fulfill and often demand money upfront.

       All you really need is the right tools with easy-to-follow instructions to fix your own credit.

Don’t Be Like Me.

       I was too busy being busy and unwilling to put in the time or effort to fix my own credit. And it cost me BIG-TIME — $2,964 to be exact. 

       This is why I decided to create The Liamuiga Credit Repair Blueprint Guide and Kit to "Bring financial relief to every credit consumer in America." You don’t have to go through the same hassle like me.

Fix Your Own


Credit Repair




You Deserve The Best.

       The Credit Repair Blueprint is unlike any other credit repair book or service — it helps you eliminate the unnecessary steps that waste your most valuable assets… time and money. 

       It gives you a clear guide, proven steps, and a secret strategy to help you achieve excellent credit. And more importantly, The Liamuiga Credit Repair Blueprint has helped thousands of credit consumers permanently remove all questionable, negative, and old items from all their credit reports, including:

     ·   Collections 

     ·   Late Payments 

     ·   Charge-Offs 

     ·   Judgments 

     ·   Bankruptcies 

     ·   Repossessions 

     ·   Liens 

     ·   Evictions 

     ·   Inquiries 

     ·   AND MUCH MORE (See Chapter 17, Step #4)

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

“The Credit Repair Blueprint is a credit repair gold mine.”

“The Credit Repair Blueprint is a million dollars worth of credit repair game for only $88 … My score went from 583 to 806 in 6 months.”

       Fixing your own credit is about taking the step now, not tomorrow. It’s easy. It’s simple… Even a caveman can do it. 

Here’s What You Get:

     ·   Liamuiga Secret Strategy to Increase Your Financial Opportunities

     ·   Instant Access to Your 3 Credit Reports

     ·   No Contract

     ·   No Setup or Monthly Fees

     ·   No Hidden Fees

     ·   Access To Credit Monitoring Service

     ·   6 Credit Card Secrets Banks DON’T Want You to Know

     ·   6 Proven Steps to Excellent Credit

     ·   26 Beautifully Crafted Dispute Letters For Any Credit Dispute Situation



     ·   AND MUCH MORE!

A One-Time Payment.

       Go to now to get instant access, simply by making a one-time payment of $26. And here's Liamuiga’s guarantee: Should The Liamuiga Credit Repair Blueprint not measure up to your expectations, you will not lose or feel cheated.

       The Liamuiga Credit Repair Blueprint is a 204-page book filled with secret information to help you achieve excellent credit.

       If you feel as we do that this is a fair and reasonable proposition, then you will want to find out now if The Liamuiga Credit Repair Blueprint can do for you what it has done for so many others. 

Here’s Liamuiga MOST EXCITING Offer:

       Your payment is tax deductible because Liamuiga International Outreach is a 508(c)(1)(a) faith based tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  So, you literally have nothing to lose financially.  

       Now, who got the better deal?

A Donation In Success.

       I cannot promise you that excellent credit will be instantly achieved if you purchase The Liamuiga Credit Repair Blueprint.  But I can guarantee that you will learn something new, boost your credit score up to 300+ points, and increase your financial opportunities and net worth in our Credit and Debt-Based Monetary System.

Sincerely yours,

Jabari Ra El

Jabari Ra El, Founder and Governor of

Liamuiga International Outreach



P.S. It’s important to note that your donation to Liamuiga International Outreach is tax-deductible.


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