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The Credit Repair Blueprint Guide and Kit ​​has helped our customer… • Late Payments • Collections • Foreclosure • Charge Offs • Bankruptcies • Judgments • Repossessions • Liens • Inquiries • Child Support • Increased their Financial Opportunities and Much More!!!

The Credit Repair Blueprint Includes:


  • The Credit Repair Blueprint Guide and Kit (PDF) – 204 Pages
  • 26 Beautifully Crafted Dispute Templates For Any Credit Dispute Situation (Microsoft Word)


These letters are not intended to be legal advice: Personal Information Dispute Letter Credit Dispute Letter Disputing Inaccurate Information A Business Supplied 609 Dispute Letter Pay To Delete Letter (Collection Agency) HIPAA Request To Validate Medical Debt Late Payment Goodwill Adjustment Letter Method of Verification Letter Inquiry Removal Letter (Credit Bureau) Inquiry Removal Letter (Company) Inaccurate Late Payments Removal LetterInitiate Dispute With Credit Bureau Debt Validation Letter Failure To Validate Debt Letter Failure To Respond—Validated Debt Medical Collection Removal Letter Charge-Off Dispute Letter Method of Verification Letter (Credit Bureau) Debt Validation Letter (Creditor) Bankruptcy Removal Letter and Instructions Court Letter Repossession Removal Letter #1 Repossession Removal Letter #2 Follow Suit Identity Theft Letter Goodwill Letter


  • The Credit Repair Blueprint Cover
  • The Credit Repair Blueprint Mock-Up


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The Credit Repair Blueprint Guide and Kit