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Credit Repair

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Get Your Credit Repair

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The Liamuiga DIY Credit Repair Kit was created to help the hardworking men and women of America increase their credit scores, save money doing it, and increase their financial opportunities. It’s easy. It’s simple. It's credit repair made easy!


  • No Experience Necessary

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The Liamuiga DIY Credit Repair Kit cost ONLY $27 (One-Time). You will receive 20 beautifully crafted letters to fix any errors on your credit report. Plus, one simple secret to increase your financial opportunities.




Pleadings Library (Over 5,000 Files)


A pleading is a formal written statement filed with a court by parties in a civil action, other than a motion. By stating what claims and defenses are at issue, pleadings establish the issues to be decided by the court. 

Here's What You Get In The Pleadings Folder:

This Pleadings Library contains over 75 folders, containing over 5,000 actual pleadings (state and federal), letters and more. There are hundreds and hundreds of editable documents for your own individual customization.

Folders: Administrative Authority, Adversary Proceedings, Application To Reopen, Bankruptcy, Business Documents, Change Venue, Civil Litigation, Civil RICO, Civil Rights, Credit Card Stuff, Declaratory Judgment Federal, Declaratory Judgment: State, Dispute Letters, Dispute Letters FDCPA, Disqualifying Judges, Enforcing Judgments, FDCPA Lawsuit, Federal Appeals, Federal FDCPA Suit, Federal Habeas, Federal Jury Instructions, Federal Tort Claim, Findings of Facts An Conclusions of Law, FOIA: Freedom Of Information Act, In Forma Pauperis, Injunctive Relief, Interrogatories, Judges Investigating Judges, Judicial Notice: Federal, Judicial Notice: State, Lis Pendens, Mandamus, Memorandum of Law, Motion For Default Judgment, Motion For Summary Judgment, Motion To Compel, Motion To Dismiss, Motion To Stay, Motion To Strike, Motion To Vacate A Void Judgment, Motions In Limine, Notice of Appeal: Federal, Objections, Oral Arguments, Petition To Vacate A Void Judgment, Public Notice, Quiet Titles, Quo Warranto, Rehearing: Federal, Rehearing: State, Request For Admissions, Responding To Discovery, Response To Injunction, Response To Motion For Summary Judgment,  Response To Motion To Dismiss, Response To Motion Sanction, Rights To Counsel, Settlement Conference Statements, State Appeals, State Habeas, State Jury Instructions, State Motion In Limine, State Pre-Trial Pleadings, State Trial Witness List, Suing Lawyers, Suing The IRS, Summons, Void Conviction, Void Judgment Law, Void Judgments: Bankruptcy, Voluntary Dismissal, Witness and Exhibit List, Writing To Lawyers, Writing To Public Officials.

WAS: $1,500

NOW: $496.00


Marriage Affidavit of Facts

What is an Affidavit of Fact?


The affidavit of fact is a legal document that allows you to swear to facts (testimony) to a specific fact. Affidavits of fact are used in a court of law in cases such as those concerning citizenship, birth, witness testimony, release of liabilities and proof of service. They are legal and binding, and are usually validated by a Notary Public (an Officer of the Court) seal and signature. Once notarized, the affidavit of fact is your sworn statement.



Do Not Consent: Vaccine Affidavit of Facts


Acts Against My Religion. 

FACT: It is Against my Religion to take, receive or partake in any administrated form of any synthetic substance(s) medical or otherwise that will immediately alter my mitochondrial DNA and RNA and cause my biological system to suffer a physiological and spiritual imbalance which will cause irreparable harm & damage to my Religion....



The Neville Goddard Lecture Collection In His Own Voice

(134 MP3 Original Recording)

Neville Goddard Lecture Series: Neville Goddard left an incredible legacy of printed material in addition to the 10 books that we currently have on our site. We have recently completed recording all of Neville’s available lectures and we are now the largest repository of Neville Goddard Lectures on the Internet. There are well over 450 lectures that we have recorded and added to the site both our recordings and the voice of Neville himself.


We feel they are extremely relevant to truth seekers worldwide. We have included a complete free sample lecture above, and will list all completed lectures below that can be accessed through the members section. If you are currently not familiar with Neville Goddard please take some time and acquaint yourself with the wisdom of a great man.





Audio Lectures In Neville’s Own Voice

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