The Highest Form of Charity



According to the famous 12th century Jewish sage Maimonides:


“The highest degree of charity, exceeded by none, is that of one who assists a poor person by providing him with a gift (a seed), or a loan, or by accepting him into a business partnership, or by helping him to find employment—in a word, by putting him where he can dispense with other people’s aid.”


Holy Instructions From The Prophet Noble Drew Ali



  1. Happy is the man who hath sown in his breast the seeds of benevolence: the produce thereof shall be charity and love.

  2. From the fountain of his heart shall rise rivers of goodness; and the streams shall overflow, for the benefit of mankind. 

  3. He assisteth the poor in their trouble; he rejoiceth in furthering the prosperity of all men. 

  4. He censureth not his neighbor; he believeth not the tales of envy and malevolence; neither repeateth he their slanders. 

  5. He forgiveth the injuries of men, he wipeth them from his remembrance; revenge and malice have no place in his heart. 

  6. For evil he returneth not evil, he hateth not even his enemies, but requiteth their injustice with a friendly admonition. 

  7. The griefs and anxieties of men excite his compassion; he endeavoreth to alleviate the weight of their misfortunes, and the pleasure of success rewardeth his labor. 

  8. He calmeth the fury, he healeth the quarrels of angry men, and preventeth the mischiefs of strife and animosity. 

  9. He promoteth in his neighborhood peace and good will, and his name is repeated with praise and benedictions. 


We believe the opportunity for this “highest form of charity” is as needed today as ever, both domestically and abroad. Liamuiga International Outreach goal is to give 10,000 men and women the seed (gift) to fund their dreams or goals in the $2-3 million range.


Enabling this self-sufficiency can be accomplished without ever writing a check. Sometimes a simple introduction or personal vouching can help secure much needed employment. In times when funds are needed, they may be structured as a lending service so that they aren’t an outright gift, but rather a bona fide loan that is paid back over time. This idea was recently employed to great effect by Noble Prize winner Muhammad Yunus who championed a program of granting Microloans to poor people to start small businesses. Recipients of these loans were given an opportunity to become self-sufficient as opposed to having their basic needs covered. 



Holy Instructions From The Prophet Noble Drew Ali


  1. As the branches of a tree return their sap to the root, from whence it arose; as a river poureth its streams to the sea, whence the spring was supplied; so the heart of a grateful man delighteth in returning a benefit recieved.

  2. He acknowledgeth his obligation with cheerfulness, he looketh on his benefactor with love and esteem. 

  3. And if to return it be not in his power, he nourisheth the memory of it in his breast with kindness; he forgetteth it not all the days of his life. 

  4. The heart of the grateful man is like the clouds of heaven which drops upon the eath, fruits, herbage and flowers; but the heart of the ungrateful is like a desert of sand which swalloweth with greediness the showers that fall, and burieth them in its bosom, and produceth nothing. 

  5. Envy not thy benefactor, neither strive to conceal the benefit he hath conferred; for though to oblige is better than to be obliged, though the act of generosity commandeth admiration, yet the humility toucheth the heart, and is amiable on the sight both of Allah and man. 

  6. But receive not a favor from the hand of the proud; to the selfish and avaricious have no obligation; the vanity of pride shall expose thee to shame; the greediness of avarice shall never be satisfied. 




Circle 7 Koran or

The Holy Koran of The Moorish

Science Temple of America


Divinely Prepared By

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali


Core Values.

Liamuiga At It's Core:

We believe... 


  • The highest degree of charity is entering a "risk-free" business partnership with the people —to help them become self-sufficient.

  • IF we work together everyone achieves more (T.E.A.M.)

  • We’re nothing without the people and everything with them, because we're one and everything in this world is God and God in man pushed out.

  • No government or business on planet earth can exist or even make money without the people.


"Faith is loyalty to unseen reality."


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