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Transforming Lives Through Charitable Giving.

Americans Still Love To Give

"Despite uncertain economic times, Americans demonstrated how essential they view the nonprofit sector and its ability to solve big problems—by still giving nearly half a trillion dollars in 2022,” said Josh Birkholtz, Chair of Giving USA Foundation. And you contributed the $499.33 billion charitable giving in 2022.

At Liamuiga, we're firm believers that generosity is the pathway to profound rewards. Imagine this: your single act of kindness could lead to winning the grandest prize—an entire mortgage-free dream home and vehicle(s) bundle. But it doesn't stop there. Liamuiga goes the extra mile by paying the taxes on behalf of the winners, ensuring that your windfall remains truly worry-free. * And let's not forget the added bonus of receiving a tax deduction for your initial contribution—it's a win-win all around. It's not just about giving; it's about transforming lives and redefining what charitable giving means for you and those in need. Take the leap with us and become part of the Liamuiga Giveaway and Affiliate Program, where every ounce of generosity creates ripples of change and opens doors to incredible opportunities.



Our Priority

At Liamuiga International Outreach, our number one priority is to serve the people. By demonstrating to them how to maximize their charitable giving, we can make a difference in the lives of those who are in need, or even their own. In doing so, we will not only achieve but exceed our charitable goals. Learn more.




Grateful Giver


The essence of a grateful giver mirrors the generous clouds of heaven, bestowing upon the earth a bounty of fruits, herbage, and flowers. Conversely, the heart of the ungrateful resembles a parched desert, greedily swallowing the showers that fall but yielding nothing in return, burying its potential in barren sands.


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Liamuiga Affiliate Program is where winners win, transform lives, empower dreams, and prosper effortlessly.

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