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Empowerment Through Philanthropy: Introducing the Liamuiga Affiliate Program

Introducing the Liamuiga Affiliate Program (LAP), an innovative and trailblazing affiliate marketing initiative with a philanthropic mission. This distinctive program directs 100% of the donations to help Liamuiga Giveaway affiliates, prize winners, and charities. Tailored for winners, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, content creators, and legal U.S. residents, LAP empowers them to seamlessly promote a variety of life-changing prizes, including debt relief, financial independence, luxury, and dream experiences. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a 50% commission on qualifying donations made through their unique associate link, offering both a lucrative income stream and a chance to make a meaningful impact.

How It Works

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Join a community of visionary entrepreneurs and legal U.S. residents who are making money with the Liamuiga Associates Program. Please review the Affiliates Agreement.


Join us in spreading the joy of incredible, life-changing prizes that support charities. Share with your audience, clients, customers, colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, and community today and make a real difference. Live Giveaways


Effortlessly earn a generous 50% commission by promoting our exclusive debt relief, luxury and mortgage-free dream home bundle prize packages using your exclusive Associate Link. Become An Affiliate.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Sets the Liamuiga Affiliate Program Apart?

What sets the Liamuiga Associates Program apart is its unwavering commitment to maximizing the impact of every dollar. At Liamuiga International Outreach (LIO), we ensure that 100% of the proceeds directly benefit Liamuiga Giveaway charities, our associates, and the winners. Our dedication extends to nurturing secure partnerships that foster mutual benefit and promote self-sufficiency among the individuals we serve. Through their exclusive associate links, our associates play a crucial role in driving ticket purchases, contributing to our collective mission of positive change and empowerment. Please note that your generous contribution to Liamuiga International Outreach tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor for more information. Learn More.

Liamuiga Affiliate Program


Affiliate Operating Agreement

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About Liamuiga Giveaway

Since our inception in 2011, Liamuiga International Outreach (LIO) upheld a steadfast commitment to making a genuine impact in the lives of individuals worldwide. Today, we stand at the threshold of a new chapter, propelled by our earnest aspiration to collaborate with kindred charitable organizations. Through these partnerships, we seek to magnify our influence, directing resources towards sponsored fundraising campaigns that not only bolster our supported charities but also allow us to discreetly extend aid to those in need.

It's imperative to recognize that your participation in the Liamuiga Giveaway represents a generous contribution to Liamuiga International Outreach, a 508(c)(1)(a) Faith-Based Organization, duly recognized as a tax-exempt nonprofit entity. Rest assured; your contributions are entirely tax-deductible by law.

Your unwavering support will benefit charitable organizations such as: 


Here at Liamuiga Giveaway, facilitated through Liamuiga International Outreach, we remain resolute in our commitment to broadening our philanthropic horizons. We eagerly anticipate forging new partnerships with charitable organizations that align with our mission, and we are devoted to incorporating even more meaningful causes in the days ahead.


Liamuiga Affiliate Program is where winners win, transform lives, empower dreams, and prosper effortlessly. Become An Affiliate Today.

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