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Quote by Dr. Ray Hagins


Who Holds The Power To Define?

Who holds the power defined the words (spells) coming out of your mouth? Institutional racism is not simply about being denied access into White society, it is also about the removing of our indigenous Being from our collective memory. It’s about denying the validity and even the very existence of authentic spiritual and indigenous intelligence.


This is what any colonial-based society must suppress, and if (as Americans) we have moved on from such colonial thinking and practices, it is time then to begin thinking beyond colonial “norms” and cultural stands, re-thinking the people that they called "barbarians",  "savages", "pagans", "heathens", “primitives”, "natives", "Niggers", "Negros", "Black", "Moors", "Black-A-Moors", etc.


Study those words and their origins.

Nigger, Negro, African American, Afro American, Colored, Blacks or even Moors or Black-A-Moor means something sub-human and subordinate to some White people. The real question is… Who holds the power to defined the words (spells) coming out of your own mouth? Who or what defines your reality? Is it you, or is it your programming?


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Who Is Noble Drew Ali?

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Excerpt From KRS-ONE Book...




A Look At Institutional Racism Through An Intellectual Analysis of The "N" Words

"This study is about institutional racism and its modern-day effects on the collective consciousness of American society, and how to avoid it. However, it is by looking closely at the terms Nigga, Nigger, Niger and Negro that we see the effects of modern-day institutional racism more clearly. What do I mean by this?


Well, first we must come to the realization that when seriously looking for our Black ancestors within White English colonial language and culture, it is not going to be in the accepted and respected English names and terms that we are going to see our Black ancestors, it is going to be in the derogatory and disrespectful names and terms of European and English languages and cultures that we are going to see our REAL Black ancestry more clearly.


Again, it is not in the accept terms and titles that we are going to see our Black ancestors accurately in White English language and culture; it is in the degrading terms that White English imperialists hurled at their enemies (our ancestors) that reveal the real existence, and most of all, character of our real Black ancestors.


Remember, our Black ancestors were the targets (and thus the enemies) of White English imperialism and robbery. Therefore, it is by looking at what White English imperialists were calling their enemies (their targets) that will reveal to us the actual character and day-to-day existence of our real ancestors." 


"Black people are dead in law."

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