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An Open Letter To The Most Deceived and Disrespected Citizens ...(In The World!)


Dear Reader:



To me, the most deceived and disrespected citizens in the world are the United States citizens. And the most disrespectful thing of the COVID-19 Pandemic is the measly stimulus check amounts and who qualifies to receive one. Every legal resident living in the U.S. deserves a monthly or quarterly stimulus because the government uses every “legal” resident (including newborn children) to back the "National Debt" with their labor.  Where is the money going to come from?


Before we begin, it's important that I share with you Lyamiga's disclaimer: I cannot promise you that you will receive a $1,200 monthly stimulus if you read or share this letter. But it’s vital and beneficial that you do —and I can guarantee that you will say “The Lyamiga Foundation represents the highest form of charity” …(And you will not lose, ever!)


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