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Advantages of a 508(c)(1)(a)

The Faith Based Organization (FBO) was once a strong influence in our nation and can be again.  Every FBO should be free to worship and preach without restriction by government.  Something can’t be true and false.  Either the FBO has the right to free speech, or it does not. Take time to review the law, and court cases related, to better understand the rights and benefits of the 508(c)(1)(a) FBO.


The advantages of being 508(c)(1)(a) FBO include rights guaranteed under Federal Law 26 U.S.C. § 6033(a)(3(a):

  1. Tax Exempt, and can give tax deductible receipts for donations.

  2. Freedom of Speech, including, but not limited to, politics, referendums, initiatives, and candidates.

  3. Mandatory Excepted from reporting (does not file a tax return),

  4. Mandatory Excepted from “rendering under oath such statements, make such other returns, and comply with such rules and regulations as the Secretary (IRS) may from time to time prescribe”.

  5. Created in 1954 through Johnson Amendment

  6. Apply using form 1023

  7. If approved from IRS

  8. Determination letter issued

  9. Tax exempt

  10. Reporting using form 990

  11. Donations tax deductible

  12. All IRS docs open to public

  13. Restricted speech • Identified in 1986 IRS code

  14. No application to IRS required

  15. No determination letter issued

  16. Non reporting

  17. Tax exempt

  18. Donations tax deductible

  19. Free speech



26 U.S. Code § 6033 - Returns by exempt organizations

This preliminary release may be subject to further revision before it is released again as a final version. As with other online versions of the Code, the U.S. Code Classification Tables should be consulted for the latest laws affecting the Code. Those using the USC Prelim should verify the text against the printed slip laws available from GPO (Government Printing Office), the laws as shown on THOMAS (a legislative service of the Library of Congress), and the final version of the Code when it becomes available. Current through Public Law 112-143, except 112-141. (See Public Laws for the current Congress)  


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