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An Open Invitation to Every Legal U.S. Resident Aged 18 and Over.


Unlock the Power of Your Philanthropy:

Transform lives with Liamuiga

and win big!


April 28, 2024


Dear Grateful Giver and Receiver,



Have you ever stopped to ponder the final destination of your charitable dollars? At Liamuiga International Outreach (LIO), we ensure that every penny of your donations is effectively utilized—not just supporting charities and our giveaway winners, but also driving the transformative initiatives that underpin our mission. With Liamuiga, your generosity doesn't vanish—it sparks substantial change, offering gratitude, tax benefits, and a path to personal prosperity.


Imagine witnessing the direct impact of your generosity. Would it inspire you to give more? Forty years ago, as a young boy in St. Kitts, I, Jabari Ra El, made a vow to my grandmothers: “When I go to America, I’m going to find a way to help ease their financial burdens — one person at a time, and I won’t stop until I find a way to do it.” Since then, I have assisted thousands of less fortunate Americans, discreetly and anonymously.


Today, I introduce LIO 508, a pioneering approach in philanthropy designed to revolutionize our collective impact and charitable giving.


Why act now? The urgency is real. A recent Giving USA report on Philanthropy highlights a concerning trend: in 2022, charitable contributions dropped to $499.33 billion, down from $516.65 billion the previous year. Individual donations fell by 6.4% to $319.04 billion, a real-term decrease of 13.4%. In these challenging times, your generosity is more crucial than ever.


Every donation you make not only supports crucial causes but also qualifies you for a chance to win life-changing prizes, from a year's supply of groceries to paying off your mortgage, or even winning your dream car or home. We also cover the taxes for winners (see Terms and Conditions). These opportunities are limited; act quickly to maximize your impact and secure your participation.


If you had just one opportunity to support a charity, would you choose to participate in Liamuiga's 'Charity Reimagined' philanthropy campaign? Why would I invite you to join Liamuiga International Outreach if there were even a slight risk of failure or financial loss? Rest assured; your contributions may be fully tax-deductible.


Transparency is a cornerstone at Liamuiga. You will see exactly how each dollar you donate is spent and the direct impact it has. By empowering more than a hundred U.S.-based charities, every contribution you make advances us toward a common goal of shared prosperity.


Liamuiga offers a remarkable earning opportunity. Join as a Liamuiga Affiliate and receive a 50% commission on each donation made through your referrals. We have only 35 spots, with 28 still available. We seek dedicated individuals who are committed to our mission and ready to make a significant impact while earning substantially.


Do not miss this exclusive chance. Click on “Become An Affiliate” to commence your philanthropic journey. Sign up for FREE, with no hidden fees!


When you engage in our Live Giveaways, supporting charitable causes for as little as $1.88, you're not merely donating—you are joining an elite group committed to making a real difference. Click on “Live Giveaways,” choose the prize you desire, select your entry number(s), and make your donation to secure your entries. Today, your contribution does more than change lives—it has the potential to transform your own.


While success in the Liamuiga Giveaway isn’t guaranteed, your donation is a steadfast pledge, supporting charities and profoundly impacting winners’ lives—one of whom could be you. Your involvement supports valuable causes and offers you a chance at life-changing rewards.

Thank you for considering this urgent appeal. Together, we can ignite a wave of change that redefines our world.

With deepest appreciation,

 Jabari Ra El

Founder, Liamuiga International Outreach


P.S. Contributions to Liamuiga International Outreach may be fully tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for details.



Note: Liamuiga is pronounced Lye-ah-mee-gah, means fertile land,” the Indigenous name for Saint Kitts.



© Copyright 2024 Liamuiga International Outreach. All Rights Reserved.


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